Competitive Analysis // Kailee Slusser // Evann Figueroa // Victor Lowe
Other Research, Content, Branding, Design  // Kailee Slusser
Product Concept // Etsy business YagoEco
Tide Rising began from a collaborative effort to conduct a competitive analysis on plastic-oriented ocean-cleanup nonprofits. My team looked at six different sites, created custom metrics, and scored each site on our five metrics and the sub-metrics within, enabling us to distill key findings. 
Tide Rising is a social enterprise concept that I have created to compete with these sites. Combining the business model of 4Ocean, a product design concept from Etsy seller YagoEco, and my own branding, content, and design, Tide Rising is a for profit business concept that sells beautiful profits made from melted plastic bags to fund ocean cleanup. With this concept in mind, I created personas, a site map, wireframes, and responsive designs for three key pages.
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