Concept, Art, Installation // Kailee Slusser // Heather Brindza // Molly Cardosi​​​​​​​
Remember Me is a public mud graffiti piece that I collaborated on with a team. The concept is inspired by contemplation of our culture’s lack of rituals to mourn losses that aren’t human. The mark is a subtle reminder of the creatures we share our world with, creating a shared space in which to honor them. I contributed heavily to the concept, designed the stencils, participated in mixing our medium, and worked with the team to apply the graffiti.
"remember me" and a sprout shape in mud on a white wall, not far from spray-paint graffiti.
The mud graffiti was thick, coming out from the wall.
A person walks by the piece on his phone.
The mud stained the white wall for months to come.
We also tried to create moss graffiti, but that was unsuccessful. The painted goop on a cement wall is an interesting sight.
The same mud graffiti on a cement wall.
When the mud dried on the cement wall, it was barely visible, making it a delight to discover.
The dried mud on cement again.
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