Content  // Jenn Bowie // Hailee Tavoian
Design  // Kailee Slusser
The ACM annual reports for calendar years 2016 and 2017 reinforce the team’s purposes and share metrics of success. They also give examples of the inner workings of the team and its clients through holistic case studies. Through my design, starting from a clean and compact cover, each unfold reveals a new layer of information. Using provided written content, I conceptualized this format and designed the style and layout of these reports. 
This image shows the reports from 2017 and 2016. Each report is made from a tabloid sheet of paper folded in half 3 times. Each report starts with a cover, then unfolds once to reveal information about each of the teams within the ACM team and the ACM vision. The next unfold reveals the “year in review,” sharing metrics on output for the year. The last unfold reveals more stats in that category. The back of each report contains a case study that allows readers to get a better sense of what teamwork looks like between and amongst ACM staff members and clients.
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