Marketing Strategy // Hailee Tavoian // Kailee Slusser // Kate Robey
Branding and Logo Design 
// Kailee Slusser
Web Design // Kailee Slusser
Web Build // Neal Mohr

The Bobcat Store’s branding is informed by and a response to The Bobcat Store Audience Research & Analysis Report. According to audience needs and preferences, I designed a brand concept that features nostalgic references, retro design, crisp and descriptive photography, a spirited tone, and unique use of the Ohio University color palette.  
As the sole designer on this project, I was responsible for conceptualizing and flushing out this entire visual concept (and two others not chosen), based on five guiding brand adjectives that the strategy team deduced from the preceding research project. I was also responsible for articulating our brand in the resulting brand book. 
As for the website, I worked with Neal Mohr to implement a new design theme to the online store. The website was limited by the functionality and available themes in the BigCommerce platform. My role with the website was to contribute wish-list features for the theme based on user research, address any user experience issues that we could control within the theme in the platform, and help the digital team apply the new branding. 
Following the finalization of the brand and website, I created all launch collateral and subsequent Bobcat Store materials for the remainder of my time in this position.
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