Research, Analysis, Strategy, and Content // Hailee Tavoian // Kailee Slusser
Report Design  // Kailee Slusser
The Bobcat Store Audience Research & Analysis Report contains a detailed account of the data and analysis collected and created to inform The Bobcat Store’s future branding and marketing strategies. Our team of two generated and synthesized existing data, in-depth interview responses, and customer survey results to deliver recommendations for strategy moving forward. Our research was focused on consumer behaviors, website functionality, website personality, and purchasing preferences and revolved around the overarching purpose to merge customer needs with store goals.
Beyond my contributions in research and analysis, I designed the final report, including organizing content, creating a graphic system to guide the reader through the report, creating charts, curating photography, and overseeing production. 
This image shows select spreads from the report. Sections include Overview, Discovery, Methodology, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion. The included spreads contain a timeline, some peer analysis, a competitor analysis, inventory of marketing, email and web data, sales graphs, various charts to demonstrate survey data, visual webs of themed strategic recommendations, and finally a summary graphic.
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