Graphic System and Brand Development // Kailee Slusser
Original Typographic Mark  // Nicole Lovins

Collateral Design // Kailee Slusser
The graphic system that I designed for the Ohio University Dean of Students' Bobcats Helping Bobcats initiative unites a series of five programs aimed toward student success under a larger umbrella brand. I implemented a similar graphic style and ring of green around each program’s mark to allow different marks to work with one another, as well as the BHB logo, seamlessly, while also being able to stand alone.  The consistency helps establish the programs as one united force. The simplicity is accessible and welcomes new programming with ease. For example, I have since designed a "Housing Help" logo that fits in with the original programs. 
I have also redesigned and updated the Bobcats Helping Bobcats web pages, going from a single basic page full of text content, to a modular design that is concise, visually engaging, and informative. I adapted, collected, and restructured content throughout this set of pages. 
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