Concept, Design, Instructions // Kailee Slusser
I designed these cards to transform into crafts for the recipients, morphing into Ohio University ornaments with just scissors, glue, and online step-by-step instructions. 
I conceptualized and proposed this project based on crafts that I did as a child. I flipped the traditional craft, which involves cutting up old greeting cards to make an ornament, and designed a card that was meant to be deconstructed in this specific way. I designed a layout that would facilitate the craft, curated the photos, stylized the photos, and tested the final craft in several iterations. I also wrote detailed instructions for the end user to create the ornament and directed the photography session that illustrated the construction process. The instructions lived on a web page, which was referenced inside the card when the recipient opens it.
This image portrays glimpses of the step-by-step process through which this card can be crafted into an ornament. Materials are scissors and glue. The insert in the card that contains a thank-you message is removed to reveal on the back of the card itself a template for cutting out circles. The circles are then sorted into groups and folded up to mimic triangles. Gluing these shapes together creates a icosahedron, or a spherical shape with 20 faces. The ornament hangs from a ribbon that is inserted during the process.
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