Strategy // Kailee Slusser
Page Design // Kailee Slusser 
Element Design // University Communications and Marketing 
Web Build // Office of Information Technology
I created a design and structure for the OHIO Campus Involvement Center that went beyond Student Affairs offerings and focused on all levels of involvement within the university. I conducted a peer analysis, looking at many other institutions for benchmarking on content and features. I mocked up the site in Adobe XD based on available branded web elements, and provided OIT with a site audit outlining content changes during the migration from one content management system to another.
Content // Kailee Slusser
Page Design and Build // Kailee Slusser 
Element Design // University Communications and Marketing 
Resource Contributions // Steph Fiorelli // Nicole Dinan // Cody Saylor // Nicole Lovins
When Ohio University closed for the COVID-19 pandemic, the Campus Involvement Center client wanted to showcase a few online activities and resources based on trending pages at other universities. I conducted a peer analysis and found that many universities were sharing the same list of general activities. I wanted Ohio University's take on this trend to be unique and full of Bobcat spirit, so I took on the project and expanded the initial client request. I searched the internet for extensive activities, with an emphasis on resources that relate uniquely to OHIO. The end product was a robust set of engaging and fun things to do for students, staff, parents, and kids alike. 
Content // Hailee Tavoian and Department Directors
Page Design and Build // Kailee Slusser 
Element Design // University Communications and Marketing 
 // Alexandria Polanosky
I designed the 2018-29 OHIO Student Affairs annual report to be the first online report that the division has created. I used modular elements to create a dynamic, concise, and engaging system of reports, showcasing the division as a whole, as well as each department within. The online design saved on production costs and staff time, eliminating the need for separate reports by department and aligning the division visually and in content. 
Sorority and fraternity life site
Content // Kailee Slusser and Ariel Tarosky
Page Design // Kailee Slusser and Erika Clusman
Web Build // Office of Information Technology
Element Design // University Communications and Marketing 

When migrating the OHIO Sorority and Fraternity Life website from one CMS to another, I was responsible for quickly revising, reworking, and restructuring site content on a very tight deadline to optimize information architecture as much as possible. I also partnered to design the home pages as wll as some complex internal pages. 
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