Team Lead // Kailee Slusser
Team Members // Erika Clusman // Nicole Dinan // Kaitlyn Anderson // Megan Bomar
Overall Design Style // Kailee Slusser

In my role as Design and Web UX Manager, I led the Student Affairs web team to create a robust and customizable user experience evaluation process for the 30+ sites within the Division of Student Affairs. I led the team in researching, brainstorming, and refining ideas for a process that is dynamic, flexible, and affordable. I synthesized ideas across the team to create a site-by-site evaluation process that combines any combination of "plays" from our UX "playboook" of research and audit methods. I also created a ranking system to prioritize the 30 sites in line based on audience needs and division goals. Under my leadership, the team created templates for recording data, visualizing research, aligning expectations, and presenting to clients. 
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